Friday, August 1, 2008

What would YOU like?

I've been asked to put together a once-a-month group for the 30-something women in our ward. They weren't really clear on the specifics - this was the direction I got: "Something that the younger women would enjoy doing together, we especially want to involve the women who work in the Primary and Young Women so they feel like they're a part of Relief Society."

I immediately called some friends to feel out their thoughts. The first ideas we had were:
General crafting
Fitness (yoga or a walking group)
Homemakey things (easy recipes)

Does anyone else have some great ideas for a group? What would entice YOU to come to a women's group once a month?

AND if you feel like killing an hour instead of doing what you're supposed to (i.e. thinking up church group ideas or writing a Sunday talk) scope out your next birthday/shower/wedding cake at You'll either laugh until you cry... or maybe barf.


Sudar Clan said...

You could do a bunco group or some sort of game party, oh wait, I don't know if the church allows that?

Emily Shaw said...

We actually do this already in our ward. Each 'group' has a rotation on who hosts it each month (for those groups it applies to). This is what our ward does:

Walking Group (meets 1 or 2 times a week at different times)

Sewing Group

Cooking Group

Girls Night Out (game night, movie night, go get ice cream, etc)

Reading Group

Scripture Group

They want to do a work out group but haven't figured out how to organize it yet.

Hope that helps. I know the women around here enjoy the time together. Good luck!

The Mathews Family said...

We have a couple groups that have been going for awhile. Cooking Group, Book Group, and Sewing Group is on again off again... but that one will probably start up as a quarterly group.

We're starting up a Provident Living Group that will meet once a month and the activities will range from learning how to cook out of your food storage, canning when something is in season, finances, square foot, patio, and garden spot gardening, etc.

I would love some sort of a craft group where there was something specific that we were making and could finish there. Or just like a project group where monthly you all get together and finish your random projects everyone always has piled up.

Let us know what you go with. I was just called to be Enrichment Counselor and am looking for good ideas.

The Mathews Family said...

It would also be fun to have like a Healthy Living group or something. Where everyone gathers monthly to share ideas, motivation, progress, etc. There's always lots of things to learn and discuss.

Anonymous said...

Hello! How about a BLOGGING group? I swear - you're the master of how to's when it comes to this - what a great thing to learn - I bet you'd get a ton of response too!!

What'dya think?

PS - If this goes well, it was my idea. If not, it was yours. :)

Bethany @ The Paper Pony said...

I think anything you do with the whole "group thing" will be great because you always have great ideas... as for the cakes... Wow! The pedophile one and "PUSH" one... yeah, no words. I kind of liked the plane crash and puffer fish.