Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Oh yeah...

... it's all coming together.

We are starting to get produce out of our garden on a regular basis. Little sweet peppers, huge zucchini, long spicy Anaheim chilies, perfect green beans, little cucumbers and tomatoes of all sizes. We have Roma, grape and cherry tomatoes so far (the Better Boys aren't quite ready). I feel like my coffee experiment with the tomatoes was a success because they are doing so well. My jalapeno peppers cross-pollinated with something (I'm guessing) and they are tiny, bright red and sweet instead of hot. Oh well. I'm just so freakishly excited about this garden! I go out and pull weeds and putter and admire all the little blossoms and tiny veggies... I can see why people get so caught up in this hobby!

I've been sorting and saving the tomatoes and peppers for salsa and spaghetti sauce which I will bottle with my awesome new pressure canner! I only have four tomato plants so I think that my salsa/sauce endeavor will be supplemented by a trip to the farmer's market this weekend. Also I have some great fresh-from-the-garden recipes that I'll be sharing this week!


Hannah said...

ha! those are some big zucchini! I try to catch mine when they about 8 inches long and an inch around, but a few have hidden themselves from me and turned into monsters within a couple days.

Your produce looks great!

Sudar Clan said...

Your post reminded me that I was going to do a garden post also. Our garden is doing great, which I am really excited about. I would like to can salsa but I don't have a good recipe. Would you mind sharing your recipe with me. My mother in law calls zucchini that big zucchini bats.