Thursday, August 14, 2008

Fall fever

A few weeks ago I suddenly couldn't wait for fall to arrive. Maybe I am just tired of the heat. Maybe I can't wait to start bottling peaches and apple pie filling. Maybe it's because the kids are asking when the leaves will fall so they can play in them. Mostly it's because my favorite holidays are during the fall - namely Halloween.

Thinking about holidays earlier than early is not as crazy as you would think. I work for a magazine and we're about 4-6 months out on all deadlines and issues so that we can keep up with seasonal things. So in my work schedule, I'm well into December/January with articles and photography and we're starting on November in our production schedule. Is it any wonder that I can never settle down and enjoy the current season?

Also, I find that getting excited about Halloween early enables me to get some great deals on Halloween costumes. Last year I found soft, fuzzy, high-quality costumes for the kids (Lisa was a pink cat and Bart was a frog) for only $5-7 on eBay. I do love me a good bargain.

Lisa informed me that she will NOT be a cute fuzzy animal this year. Which is too bad because I love those costumes because they're warm as well as cute. It can be really cold at Halloween here and I don't love having to do the Princess-In-A-Parka thing. But instead she will be Cleopatra. Bart will accompany her as a mummy. I promise this was entirely her idea. I think it rocks. I'm pretty sure I can dress her warmly under the costume and of course Bart will be wrapped head-to-toe!

I'm not having much luck with eBay prices this year, but I did stumble across a great sale at Costume Craze. Cute princess, fairy and ballerina costumes for only $8-12, and flat-rate shipping! It was such a great sale that I may or may not have purchased several extra costumes to give to Lisa for Christmas...

My friend Becca made her little boy a mummy costume a few months ago and I will be relying on her for instructions and advice (her first tip was to sew the fabric strips to jeans and not sweats because they don't need to stretch). So I'm pretty excited!

This is also a simple-looking costume pattern at Hershey's Trick-or-Treat website, complete with spooky music. So while normal people are enjoying the last hot days and swimming in the pool, you know I'll be waiting impatiently for fall to arrive.

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