Thursday, August 7, 2008


This little beauty is Elsa, the almost-2-week-old daughter of my friend Karen. She is so alert and curious! It was actually pretty hard to get her to quit looking around and fall asleep.

Elsa is so lucky to have 2 big sisters and a big brother who are thrilled to have her here at last.
These are also some of my favorite kids to take pictures of. They hold still, do what you ask and there wasn't a single tear or argument. I seriously love them.

I designed 3 different announcements for them to choose from. I really like them all, but the family chose announcement #1 for the ones they'll print out and share.

Thank you Karen and congratulations!


Sudar Clan said...

Oh, she is a doll! They do have the sweetest kids.

Sharp family said...

You did a amazing job! They are daring. And I always love love love your designs!

AMS said...

wow! is she two weeks already!? I haven't even seen her :( she is precious! and, of course, as always, your work is beatiful!