Saturday, January 16, 2010

Introducing this season's favorite toy!

The combination of brain-numbing cold and 80's-inspired fashions might delude you into thinking leg warmers are a good idea. If so, I have the toy for you!

In my defense, I purchased this from a clearance bin, because Minnie was really excited about it, without actually reading the box. The lack of clear instructions makes me feel OK saying that it did exactly what it was intended to do. Simply load your yarn into the little spaceship and...


Leg-warmer-esque globs of yarn! All the extra holes and tangley bits are perfect for fingers and toes if you want to use your Yarn Glob as socks, vintage trashy gloves or even hang it from doorknobs or the Christmas tree that hasn't been put away yet.

I assume the point of the machine is to use up perfectly good yarn and keep it out of the hands of your son, who would otherwise string it about the living room to make pirate booby traps.

See how it creates a lovely, dense wad of yarn? Way better than the rolls and balls that are cluttering up your knitting basket. Again, the lack of instructions makes me assume it worked exactly as intended - complete with grindy, straining-plastic noises and the melodic ping ping of little plastic teeth popping off and rocketing towards unprotected eyeballs.

Yarn Wadder 2.0 (yes, my mother-in-law purchased an extra one) produced a slightly more tubular leg warmer with less shooting-out-of-plastic-teeth. It's so snug it might cut off the circulation to Minnie's ankles... but that doesn't seem to matter.

I'll find a link online so you can purchase one of these for yourself. It's a must-have!


Tammy Chenault said...

Ha! "Leg-warmer-esque globs of yarn", nice. That packaging is pretty sweet, too.

Valerie S said...

That is so funny. We all have stories where we were sucked into the toy industry's web of deceit!

Charlo said...

ya, brett's little step sister got one for christmas last year... it was a horrible mess...