Monday, August 11, 2008

Weekend update

At the risk of sounding Seriously SO Blessed, wow... we were busy this weekend!

Joe and I ran another 5K on Saturday morning. He finished in an amazing 24 minutes... and came in second-to-last in his age class. In two weeks he'll be 30 and he would have finished third. Oh well, when all the NCAA runners from BYU are crowding out the top places, what chance do you have?

Meanwhile I shaved a few minutes off my time, finishing in 30 minutes, 20 seconds! I sprinted the last 100 yards because someone was trying to run past me and we ended up crossing the line at a dead run with the announcer screaming "go go GO!" into the microphone. It's not like we won, or were all that awesome even, it was just a nice way to finish the race and I was pumped.

Straight from the 5K we dashed home, showered and tried to look nice and ran over to a wedding. We got caught in parade traffic, ended up late and skidded into the park about 10 minutes late... along with most of the guests. Fortunately nothing here starts on time so we were OK. It was a beautiful wedding and we are so happy for you, Ryan and Kristin!

I ended up leaving the wedding luncheon early for the bridal shower of the lovely and radiant Miss Nemesis. Not only did we have excellent snacks (why did I even eat anything at the wedding lunch, knowing that Cicada was providing food for the shower?) but I got to meet a lot of fellow bloggers and that was really fun.

Rushing out of the shower I headed down to look for houses with my sister. I am slowly trying to coax her ever closer to my own neighborhood. I have dreams of my sisters and I getting together in the fall to bottle peaches and tomatoes and all good things. So far my master plan seems to be working...

And straight from that we went right back to the wedding reception. The kids stuffed themselves full of chocolate fountain goodies, cupcakes and cobbler and played at the park while we visited with friends. When it started to rain we headed home. Just in time to prepare 10-minute church talks that we had to give on Sunday.

So that's my excuse for not having posted anything for a few days. The End.


Hannah said...

Holy cow. You are so busy and seriously, so blessed!

Hannah said...

Oh! Good job on your 5k. That is amazing.