Saturday, August 16, 2008

Teresa's Bridals

Teresa is the sister of my best friend Amy and I was lucky enough to get to take her bridal portraits. This girl is a stunner.

We found this cute little blue house in Provo but the owner/renter was a little hesitant to let us borrow her wall for pictures. She agreed in the end - which was good because she had a bride in her driveway, we were running out of light and had no other ideas.

It was Teresa's idea to use this long, tree-lined sidewalk as a backdrop and I'm so glad she suggested it! Of course three freshmen thought that it was a perfect time to dump a thrift-store couch on the ground right behind her. I mean... come ON people!

By the time we fought through work schedules, traffic and location difficulties, we had very little daylight left. So this was a little more rushed than I wanted. However, I felt like we got some excellent pictures of her. It helps that she was so willing to go along with whatever... and it never hurts to be this beautiful!

I have a few more of her, but these are all the ones that I have processed in Photoshop so far. Also I bet Amy will do something cool with them and I want her to teach me what she's up to. So I'll post more later.

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Megan said...

I love your blog! I can't get into your other one. Will you add me so I can check it out?! You make me feel like a loser mom, since I don't have a garden this year and yours looks beautiful. Make sure to post your canning recipes so I can compare notes. Kina like in Geology:)