Monday, November 2, 2009

In which they wore costumes and gathered candy

Once upon a time there was one not-so-wicked witch with her shiny happy ever-so-pink costume and her sidekick, Disgruntled Bat.

Not-so-wicked Witch was beautiful and sparkly and put together a costume full of stripes, polka-dots, a clever little cape and even a not-so-scary spider.

Disgruntled Bat really really really wanted to be a pirate and would not accept that the pirate costume was Not Warm Enough for trick-or-treating in the cold. He did not appreciate being cute or fuzzy.

The Not-so-wicked Witch had very specific instructions for the team that handles her makeup and hair.

Disgruntled Bat finally agreed to one not-grumpy picture in return for a large treat from the Halloween bag.

The two friends went on a fantastic adventure with the Whos from Whoville, HutuHutu headhunters and Princess Leia where they gathered candy from hundreds of people, were chased by a giant escaped Elvis impersonator and eventually collapsed into a sugar-induced coma while watching Monsters vs. Aliens. But that's another story.

And because my parents are Cool Like That, check out who answered THEIR door when trick-or-treaters came to call. It might be hard to see in the picture but they rigged up the scariest phantasm you've ever seen.


Scott&Janae said...

Don't you just love Halloween? The kids look so cute. I'm sure that your little bat thinks it was all worth while, now that he got his stash of candy!

Molly said...

that is one adorable disgruntled bat! love the cape too. thanks for the link! molly