Tuesday, July 27, 2010

With sprinkles please

And if you're one of the 5 people who don't know yet, I'm sorry. Bart and Lisa have been such efficient news-spreaders that I pretty much haven't said anything.

So yes, we're having another baby. The kids have affectionately named him/her Sprinkle, because when we first showed them pictures of how big the baby would be, the comparison was "your baby is as big as a sprinkle on a cupcake." Lisa was especially taken with the description and started saying things like:

"Mom! Don't jump around like that! You're shaking Sprinkle!" and

"Do you think Sprinkle needs some more peach pie?"

Yes. Sprinkle does need more peach pie.

Sprinkle is due next January, on my sweet Grandma Bev's birthday. This makes my heart happy.

When 'they' say that subsequent kids show much faster, 'they' ain't a-kiddin. Either that or Sprinkle didn't need more peach pie.

This pregnancy I crave bread and sugar. Through the whole morning-sickness phase I ate toast in all its varieties (French toast, peanut butter toast, buttered toast, toast with jam...) and tons of fruit. Too much sugar (like a doughnut) makes me ill. Go figure.

What I can't eat is ground meat. It doesn't matter what species of meat it is - turkey, beef, venison, chicken - if it's ground, loafed or meatballed, I can't even look at it or even think about it. Bleh.

I've turned into a person that cries. A lot. Pretty much over nothing. Like, I started to cry on my way to Sunday School because Bart was being a stink and when I rubbed my eyeliner off and had black on my hands, I was prrrreeeeeetttttyyyyy much in hysterics because I had to teach the Laurels and there's no way you can do that without eye makeup on. Seriously.

At 14 weeks I've gained 9 pounds which seems... well... OK. It's harder than I thought it would be to see the numbers on the scale go up and up. I took a few of the sickest weeks off from the gym but I've started going again and am keeping my fingers crossed for a healthy pregnancy.

Today we finally finally got to hear the baby's heartbeat and that was very re-assuring, especially considering the last week.

As any Facebook friends will know, I've been in and out of the ER this last weekend with an unexplained fever and headache. It seems like such a silly reason to spend hours and hours in the emergency room but the fever can be scary for a 14-week fetus and they ran tests looking for all manner of bacterial infections.

Results: nothing.

With no improvement over the weekend, one doctor wanted to do a lumbar puncture to test for meningitis (scary!) but then decided against it. He did order a lot of blood work though and I think those vampires took half my blood because I've been wasted and dizzy ever since.

Results from blood work: nothing.

In fact one doctor said "you're really a very healthy person... except that you're sick."

So that pretty much catches you up to right now. Baby = healthy. Mom = not so much. Joe is taking good care of me and right now I'm eating a Kneader's cinnamon roll that he went to get me. I'm telling myself that I'll wake up better tomorrow.