Sunday, October 23, 2011

Thanksgiving Wreath

Maybe I've mentioned how much I love Pintrest. Everything I see on there is beautiful, so fun, so ImustmakethatRIGHTNOW! Exclamation point!

My husband has been gone the entire weekend and the kids expressed a desire to sit around and make Halloween decorations. Well, the oldest wanted to make Halloween decorations. The middle child declared his intentions to play video games for several hours (whatever, dude) and the baby said "I'll go along with anything as long as I don't have to be strapped in a seat. And make sure there are snacks. Also check out how my language skills have progressed."

So after a quick trip to the craft store, an iPod loaded with Bartelby's Book of Buttons and quantities of Apple Jacks scattered on the floor, this was our first finished creation.

It's not technically a Halloween decoration. I already have one of those that I love. But this one will be perfect for fall AND I needed to use up some of this $1.50/yd grey fabric I've had laying in my work basket for 3 months. It will just have to wait for Nov. 1 to be put up for Thanksgiving.

Saturday, October 8, 2011

On being nine months old

When you are only nine months old
The world is on your string
There's things to climb
People to slime
A single tear earns snuggle time
Your mother makes up silly rhymes
When you are nine months old.

Oh clever little nine months old
Every thing a toy
A lock of hair
A rock to share
An empty box, a joy
Your world is full of things to eat
A toe or two will taste so sweet
A phone can be a scrumptious treat
When you are nine months old.

Exploring little nine months old
New wonders to behold
To climb the chairs
And scale the stairs
The fridge's heights
Hold new delights
And treasures yet untold
From far across the kitchen floors
To bang the pots and climb the drawers
There's springy things behind the doors!
The cupboards are the place to play
Who locked these darn things anyway?
Yet on we go, come what may
For we are nine months old.

When you are but nine months old
There are things that get you down
Your delicious sticky face is wiped
Your treasures and your toys are swiped
Your tantrums quelled
Your bum is smelled
Tasty tidbits are withheld
Without your saying so, you see
There isn't any dignity
In being nine months old.

When you are only nine months old
'Mama's boy' is no bad thing
For too soon, they all will say
10 months will be on its way
And we will look back on the day
When you were nine months old.

And when someday you stand alone
Out of my arms and on your own
All owies patched and tears been dried
Though I'm filled with mother's pride
To my secret heart inside
You'll still be nine months old.