Friday, August 15, 2008

Sweet potato fries

This is a random recipe that I came up with one day. It seemed like I had read the phrase "sweet potato fries" in a few places but could never find a recipe that sounded good or healthy. So one day I just tried a few things and this is what worked. They may not be tradition sweet potato fries but it's what we like.

Sweet Potato Fries...
2 large sweet potatoes
vegetable oil (olive oil doesn't get hot enough to fry things nice and crispy and you're just using a little bit, not deep frying them)
coarse salt

Microwave potatoes for 8-10 minutes (until they're done through but not starting to shrivel up inside their skins). I leave the skins on them for the fries because I like it. Remove it if you want. Cut into long slices, like this:

I like to use a griddle to fry them because you can turn things over easily. Brush the hot surface with a thin coat of oil and toss on the potato strips. Fry potato strips for a few minutes, turning them over when they start to brown, getting each surface. When done, remove from griddle and sprinkle with coarse salt (regular table salt will do just fine, I just think the coarse grains are pretty). Serve hot. Forget to take a picture of the finished fries.

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