Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kirk family pictures

I did some family pictures for some friends of mine - the Kirks. They have three adorable grandchildren.

You need to watch out for these cute ones... Brinley was perfectly happy to let me take pictures of her, but on HER terms. Which means "not in a group setting".

These two redheads, Annekin and Camden were much more cooperative.

And I did bribe Brinley to sit still for a minute (tootsie rolls were not so effective, she wanted dollar bills).

We did get a few good pictures with Brinley in them but they are more of a Photoshop miracle than good photography skills.

Still... she is adorable.

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The Browers said...

Holy cow the kids look so big. Guess I have not seen them in a while. They are so cute!