Friday, July 24, 2009

Shoe exchange

Wednesday I ran with my new shoes and by the next morning one of my ankles and legs hurt. I was so sad! I wore one old Nike and one new shoe around half the morning (prompting numerous 'helpful' comments from my kids) trying to pinpoint the difference. I also talked to Jenny about it multiple times but as she's 112 weeks pregnant and trying to will herself into labor, I'm sure she graciously wished I would fall off a cliff. Pray for her.

Finally I decided that the arch support was higher in my old shoe than the new one. The lack of support was making the arch in my foot stretch out too much and the muscles hurt all over. So I took the shoes back to 26.2 and they secured their place as my Most Favorite Running Store by exchanging the shoes and going through the whole fitting process over again.

Minnie is happy that I finally got my head on straight and picked pink shoes.


Eric and Andrea said...

It sounds like you figured it out, but another option for the future is to check out Fleet Feet in American Fork.
They specialize in finding the right running shoes, which is critical if you are a avid runner. I think you might pay a little more, but worth it if you can get the right shoes!
Here is their website:

Good luck! It sounds like you're doing awesome!

Sharp family said...

Hey girl I have the same shoes and I LOVE THEM!!! good call!