Wednesday, July 22, 2009

New shoes!

After running on Monday, my knees and ankles really felt like they had taken a beating. I've been considering new shoes for a while because my beloved Nikes have a lot of miles on them. I tried new insoles and it just wasn't cutting it.

So I went to 26.2 because they are my new favorite store for running shoes. The employees there have always been so nice and helpful. And they actually know what they are talking about which is a big change from shopping at Buy n' Large. My favorite thing is that they have a treadmill in the store and they will do a video analysis of your feet as you run (so bring socks and maybe your old shoes to run in.) They can decide what type of shoe you need based on the video of your gait. I didn't know this but I overpronate when I run, which basically means that your ankle rolls towards the inside edge. You can get a shoe that offers more stability to help support your ankles.
And I got these. Cute yes? Lisa loves them because they are shiny but has asked at least 28 times why I didn't choose pink.

I also appreciated the patience of the salesperson because it is pretty hard for me to find shoes that fit me the way I like. I think whoever determined my adult proportions had a weird sense of humor. My feet and toes are really long which I hate because it translates into a bigger shoe size. And they're really narrow which I hate because almost every pair of shoes is too wide and I feel like my fit slip from side-to-side in them. The poor salesguy brought lots and lots of shoes for me to try on before we found one that was not only narrow enough, but was the right type of stabilizing shoe. I'm sure he was wishing that a more normal person would walk in and demand his attention. But he was very patient and helpful.

THEN they will let you run on the treadmill some more and look at the video of your feet again to see if the shoe is doing what it promised to do! So yeah, this store is pretty much my favorite. And I'm excited to try out my new shoes.

Oh yes, I did 3.11 miles on Monday in 32 minutes, 13 seconds. That is a good time but I still need to shave off 2 minutes before the Labor Day 5K. I like to have goals.


Sarah said...

So... why didn't you get pink? :)

jeri said...

They didn't HAVE pink in this shoe! Sheesh. She's still upset about it. She says "Mom, I like your shoes because they have the shiny but if they were pink I would love them."

Becca Jo said...

Good running shoes are a must I can remember my first pair and the difference it made in my knee pain.