Wednesday, February 25, 2009

St. Patty's Day wreath

Done the non-cheesy way (with no glitter or shamrocks)

I love wreaths. But the pre-made ones are never quite my style so I end up making my own (fortunately they're easy-peasy and it's fun to choose my own colors and embellishments). Our house has a nice covered porch that is shaded (so my door-hangings don't fade in the sun) and the door is pretty so I have really enjoyed changing the wreath every season. When I'm done with them, I cover them with a garbage bag and hang them on a nail in the basement for next year.

Roberts had a garland of this green... stuff on sale. I pulled the garland apart and stuck the bunches back into a bare grapevine wreath. If they seem loose, just secure them to the grapevine with florists wire. Easy and it looks really nice! When St. Patrick's is over, I am going to add some pink flowers in for a spring/Easter look. Double holiday mileage!

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Amy said...

What's wrong with glitter? And shamrocks? Where is your St. Patty's Day spirit?