Thursday, February 26, 2009

Progress so far

Because I know everyone (all two of my readers) was dying to know how our remodel is coming, here are some more pictures. The wall is completely gone and the closet/bookcase is roughed in (what used to be a hallway). And there is my trusty and precious Shop Vac. I don't know what the electrician-guy used to carve the hole for the new outlet but I think he would have had more success with a butter knife. Or his head. Which I would have gladly put through the wall for him.

While he did a bang-up job of putting the outlet covers on, the plugs (if you want to get all technical) didn't actually work. After three days he gave up and referred us to his boss. And since If You Want Something Done Right Just Go Ahead And Do It Yourself, Joe went ahead and did it himself. Wednesday, power was restored to 100% of our house and Joe is still The King.

And speaking of cute, check out my adorable clean-up crew. Also with the ultimate sucking power of the Shop Vac, it only takes one shutter-click to go from 'this is sure funny' to 'holy cow my hand is being eaten by the vacuum!"


Carina said...

This gives me fond memories of the house I grew up in--that my dad remodeled for 10 years.

Sudar Clan said...

Holy crap, what did he cut that outlet out with? Good job Joe, for fixing everyone's screw ups.

Valerie S said...

Jeri, I feel your pain. Remodels are awful! Your kids are so darling.