Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Calling all dream interpreters

So last night I have the following dream:

We've decided that we'll start driving my Dad's old Mazda wagon. It's the car I learned to drive a stick-shift in. I think it was donated to the Kidney Foundation several decades ago so I don't know where or how we acquired the car.

**When this car was 'mine' (meaning I had to pretend it belonged to my Dad and share it with my sister Kelly) it was really old, semi-reliable and sounded like a prop-plane, so you could hear it coming from two counties away. The back end of the car was composed of equal parts rust and blue-and-white paint from where Kelly and I painted the car for every football game. The front end was MudPuddle Tan except for a patch on the driver's-side hood where my Dad hit a deer. There was a 1-foot square patch over the big dent. Either Dad couldn't find faded/antique car paint that matched the color, or he's possessed of such a frugal nature that he used off-white exterior house paint because it was "basically the same color".

So for some mystery reason, we've decided that we need to start driving the Mazda around again, except that Joe thinks it will be much nicer if it has tinted windows. So he calls his brother, who, at one point, knew how to apply window tint. Brett decides that the car is too old for tinted windows and instead installs aluminum window blinds, in a stunning color combination of red, white and tan (to compliment the house paint). So in my dream I'm arguing with the guy installing the blinds because the cord to raise and lower the blinds doesn't seem like it works very smoothly. I'm asking him how he expects me to drive when I can't reliably raise and lower the blinds that cover every window. This is when I wake up, still feeling stressed about arguing with the blinds-guy.

So dream interpreters... have at it.

**The part about the car's color and condition is true. I didn't dream it.


The Mathews Family said...

You're pregnant. Sorry.
(And P.S. My dreaming that I updated my Facebook status to say that Barack Obama was my husband just seems so normal compared to your dream. :D)

Teri's Life said...

I'm not a dream interpreter, but it was an entertaining dream!

lil*sis said...

I think it has to do something with your deep seeded love for the Mazda Wonder Wagon/Carbon Car. But if you truly desire a full-blown explanation, a call in to our middle sibling should be in order.

Keith_and_Mary said...

First of all, the deer hit me! Otherwise the dent would be in the front, not the side.
Second, spray paint in the can has a limited palette selection. They didn't have "Crap Mazda Tan" on the shelf that day.
As to the dream - it sounds like it came from the Italian side of the family...