Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Calling all party-planners

I love planning a birthday party for my kids. Last year Minnie wanted a Mermaid birthday party so I made her an Ariel cake and we all made flowers to put in our hair (and combed their hair with forks!) and decorated the basement family room to look like Under the Sea. It was inexpensive and totally fun.

This year she wants a Fairy birthday party. She loves the new Tinkerbell movie and is totally in love with all the beautiful fairies and their talents. However... I'm really struggling with ideas. NOTHING is coming to me! I think it's the chaos of the house or something because my brain is just stuck.

So... ideas please? She'll be 5.


Angela V. said...

You could have all the girls dress up in their best fairy attire and then have a tea party...

Craft: make/decorate headbands and/or wands with flowers, tulle, lots and lots of glitter, etc.

Food: Petit Fors, flavored teas

A fairy party sounds like so much fun! Good luck!

Eric and Andrea said...

Alyssa went to a Fairy party once. They all got to make and decorate their own wings. She still wears them to this day even though they are tight.
You could also have someone dress up as a special fairy who comes and sprinkles fairy dust (or glitter) on each one of them and gives them a special power. (These powers could be a great ability to share, or be kind to others, an extra special helper, etc.)
I'm not too good with these kinds of things. It sounds really cute though, good luck!

Eric and Andrea said...

Sorry, me again. You are the queen of cool websites, so you probably already know about this, but here are some cute ideas:


They would probably also have a good time decorating their own magic wands or something.

Okay, enough from me. :-)

The Mathews Family said...

You could make those tulle tutus (NO sewing required!!!) that are super easy or the kids could actually make their own. They're super inexpensive, too.

I also like the ideas above!

Sarah said...

this would just be for minnie (too much work to do for all) but you could make wings for her out of a wire hanger (shape to desired wing shape) and cover with a white nylon (plus siize knee highs work great). You could make wands.

Sydni said...

Tip Junkie did a series of posts where she gathered up links to various themed birthday parties. Here is a whole collection of links to fairy parties.

Carina said...

How about decorating their own fairy wings? Glitter, paper or plastic butterfies, etc? You could make fairy wings with elastic straps.

And now that I wrote that I noticed that Eric and Andrea wrote the same thing.

Rasmussen Family said...

You could have a mini talent show with the girls since Tinkerbell the movie talks about talents.