Wednesday, February 18, 2009

25 things you couldn't live without

Or at least I assume you couldn't live without knowing these 25 things about me, because at least twice that number of people have tagged me on Facebook and their blogs. So fine. Here you go.

1. I can't draw. For some reason I can design things, manipulate illustrations and compose pictures... but I can't draw a recognizable stick-figure. It's true. Ask my kids.

2.If I let something get past-due, it's almost impossible for me to finish it. The same goes for late library books and videos.

3. Even though I love to read and belong to two book clubs, I refuse to read for anything other than entertainment. I don't feel the need to 'stretch my mind' or explore new boundaries. If the book is depressing, graphic, profane or stupid... I just put it down. I don't care.

4. If I'm not good at something right away, I pretty much just quit. That's why I don't play video games. I have no chance against Joe. So I just don't play.

5. I love to exaggerate. I think it's hilarious.

6. I am a people-watcher. I could sit at the mall and just watch the different people. I also like analyzing people's personalities. I don't think I do it in a critical way... I just wonder what makes people act the way they do.

7. I am terrible at folding clothes. I just don't do it. I could live out of two laundry baskets - one for clean and one for dirty. Joe is the laundry-folder, and only if it's stacked up so much that it blocks the door out to the shop.

8. I bit my nails my entire life. I remember starting when I was 5 and my grandma polished my nails bright red. I didn't like it and bit them all off... and kept biting them until I was 21. When Joe and I were engaged I thought how nice it would be to have pretty nails for my wedding. And I stopped biting them.

9. I love cereal, but only the boring kinds. Chex, Rice Krispies and Cracklin' Oat Bran are my favorites. I don't love anything with marshmallows, dried fruit or anything that turns the milk an unholy color.

10. I don't love newborns. In fact, babies don't really interest me past the ooh-ahh phase. I love little kids though. I love to talk to them and have arts-and-crafts and play groups. That fascinates me. The baby thing... not so much.

11. I think Joe is the Shiz. Really, I think he is the manliest and the awesomest and could do anything in the whole wide world... except dance.

12. I am happy when I'm busy. But then I let myself get overwhelmed. I have yet to find the right balance.

13. If you are around our house during any mealtime, I will cook for you. And I will love it. I think I get this from my mom. You never leave her house hungry.

14. I didn't read Twilight. I did read the summary on Wikipedia so I could know what other people were talking about. And those were boring and lame so I didn't feel bad about not reading the entire book.

15. When Joe and I were dating, he would come to my apartment late at night when he got off work or home from school. If I was asleep, I would wake up 3 or 4 minutes before he got there, no matter what time it was. I teased him that I could sense him coming. Now when he works late or stays out with friends, I have the amazing ability to call him to find out where he is, when he is within 2 blocks of our house. I have no explanation for it. I don't even try to do it! I can just always sense when he's about to come home.

16. I am fascinated by genealogy. I love finding out about my relatives who lived in different times and different places. I hope that Heaven is like a big family reunion and I can ask them questions and get to know them.

17. I am constantly amazed that other people don't find this as fascinating as I do.

18. I love new socks. If I could have a fresh pair of socks, right out of their little stay-fresh pouch, every single day, I would.

19. I love to learn. I think I love trivia things the best, just short snippets of interesting facts. I like to ask people about their jobs. I love TV shows like Mythbusters and Dirty Jobs.

20. I have really good hearing. I can hear our cars coming from a long way away. I can pinpoint a celebrity who is speaking even if I can't see them (like if they're doing a character voice or a commercial). I can also remember conversations word-for-word, not because I've memorized what was said, but because I can simply hear your voice saying the words again.

21. I could have friends over every day and be happy. We are always trying to talk someone into moving in with us, so we can have 24-hour friends. I'm pretty sure other people get way more tired of us than we do of them.

22. In high school I took the ASVAB (Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery) and scored highest on spacial relationships and sequencing. I was recruited by the Navy (I told them I only took the test to get out of a day of classes). Weird, yes? But the spacial relationships come in handy when I do thinks like sewing, where I can tell how the pieces of the pattern fit together.

23. If I have creative ideas buzzing around in my brain, I can't sleep. I will literally stay awake the whole night. That's what I use this blog for. It's a place to put those ideas so I can rest. Jessica suggested that it was my own Pensieve and I think she is right.

24. Also if my feet are cold, I can't sleep at all. I used to get up and take a bath. Then I got an electric blanket. Heaven.

25. I hate all movies that don't have a happy ending. I don't devote hours of my time to be depressed. And with that...

The End.


Carina said...

Lovely to learn more about you. We have a lot in common.

Except #1. I'm really great at drawing and painting--not as great with design programs. I remember being so jealous of a friend of mine in school when he was doing these amazing graphic elements. Not I.

Jenny said...

So what you're saying is you love to learn but don't want to have to read to gain the knowledge?

You and I have SO MANY similarities. Exaggerating is the best.

Hannah said...

Oh how I love you, jeri! You are almost at quirky as me. ;)

Valerie S said...

Jeri, I loved learning more stuff about you. We are alike in many ways (like the cold feet thing and my favorite movies have to have happy endigs. I also like to exagerate-it makes the story more interesting, right?)

Anonymous said...

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