Sunday, July 27, 2008

Welcome to the neighborhood

We have lived in this house for 3 months now - so it seems the perfect time to get a Welcome Packet in the mail. These always claim to have good coupons for local businesses and money-saving things. I'm no marketing expert but that's what I would put in them. I don't know who put this packet together but I would bet that they've never moved before. This packet contained (among the usual 22 ads/coupons/special offers/just-for-you deals for satellite TV, phone service, orthodontics and lawn care):

Customize-your-own-checks service. Nothing says classy adult like Tweety Bird checks.

Coupons for acne cream

Summer Sensations romance novel book club membership (because when you're moving, you pretty much have unlimited free time to read trashy novels).

A limited time offer for The Munster's Halloween Village Highly Breakable Holiday Decor Set. Conveniently it doesn't say anywhere on the order form how much the item costs. Yipee, it's practically free! I'll order 12.

And my favorite - a Collector's Edition of Huckleberry Finn. Regularly $39.95, yours for only $6!. I bet there are NO strings attached here. Besides... what new homeowner doesn't need their own luxurious volume of the Mark Twain classic?

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