Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Family Pictures

I did family pictures for a large family yesterday. And I do mean large. We had 30 people in the group shot.

This is my friend Aleah's girls, Azlynn and Brielle. Both of them are so photogenic, and so strikingly beautiful!

It may surprise you, but this group of kids was pretty easy to wrangle. Most of them listened to their parents, stayed where we put them, and were full of smiles.

All of the kids were so beautiful, with really bright and sparkly eyes.


AMS said...

thanks, jeri! I love all the pics you took! we are quite a group and you're much too kind about our behavior but you handled it like a pro! I know my mom is going to be thrilled... Now I'm giddy for our own little family pictures (I just have to decide what to wear... any suggestions?).

Elise said...

Gorgeous shots of some truly gorgeous kids!