Friday, July 18, 2008

Pink pink pink

Minnie went with her grandparents for an evening so I used the time to put her room together. Since this was a project I had to do without Joe, I've learned the following valuable lessons:

1. Clean white blinds are much better than the dusty old curtains that were in the house when we bought it.
2. Check the box of blinds before you leave WalMart to make sure it actually contains the hardware needed to install them (like brackets and screws... important stuff).
3. Don't try to put up blinds with only a screwdriver. Find the cordless drill.
4. If you're going to let a 4-year-old choose her own color scheme, be prepared for the room to look like a gypsy tent. Or a circus. Or, in Joe's eloquent terms "it looks like IKEA threw up in here."
5. If your husband loses the chuck to the cordless drill (or hides it from you) and you have to install one side of the blinds with only a screwdriver, a hammer and a curtain hook, kick him in the shins. Then make him finish the other window.
6. A dresser that you find in someone's yard with a 'free' sign on it holds just as many clothes as a new, expensive one.
7. As annoying as the project may have been, it was all worth it to see her surprised, excited little face when she saw her new room.

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Jill said...

I must be hiding a 4 year old in my brain, I love it! Looks great Jeri! :)