Monday, March 2, 2009

My attempt to take control

When the electrician you've hired turns out be incompetent and walks off the job and your house is degraded to 80% power, what do you do?

You call your mom and cry of course. This is generally the #1 recommended solution. She will say consoling things and verbally abuse the electrician and offer to make you soup and you will feel better.

What you should probably NOT do in this case, however, is to wander around the kitchen while talking on the phone, start picking the edges of the wallpaper and, in your frustration, rip it down in large sheets. Because it will just get you into an even bigger project.

Also note that I shaved Bart's head. Because I had turned insane.

Have no fear though - Joe solved the electrical problems and the house is restored to full power. Also thanks to the help of my two wallpaper-removing monkeys, this project has a happier conclusion than the first one. I'm considering putting them up for hire (at an exorbitant fee of course). Seriously, give Bart a squirt bottle and Lisa a spatula and you have the Tag Team Duo of Wallpaper Destruction. They did an excellent job.


Valerie S said...

Jeri, I had to laugh at the picture of the bare bottomed boy. And I admire you for taking off old wallpaper. After doing it in our last house I would rather move than take old wallpaper down!

Missy said...

Just think - shaving Bart's head removes one more thing you have to battle in a day! Congrats on power restored and prospects on a soon-to-be-amazing kitchen walls!

Petersons in Big Sky Country said...

Put some pants on that kid!