Thursday, March 19, 2009

I'm annoyed with Sherwin Williams

In spite of all their claims to have excellent paint, I'm still having problems with the words 'bum' and 'panda' showing through on my walls. I've rolled on no less than 1 coat of primer and 4 additional coats of paint and I can still see words! Also I can still see where all the electrical switches have been edged.

The store will be hearing from me this weekend.

In additional news, we continue to make progress with our home-alteration. You may remember this hallway...

...which is now a rad broom/vacuum closet. You can never have too much storage space. I'm hoping that other in-the-way things can now live in this lovely closet, like my huge stock pot that has never fit in any cupboard we have ever owned.

With the one major exception, the painting is coming along nicely. I hope to get all the pictures hung before this weekend. And, even though you wouldn't believe it from this picture, you can now walk more than 2 feet in any direction without tripping. Unless you fall in the gaping hole in the carpet where the wall used to be. I'm considering turning it into a moat. Complete with moat monster of course.

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Jenny said...

That moat concept really has me thinking. I want one outside my kids' rooms so they can't get out during naptime or wake up early and get out in the morning.