Thursday, March 26, 2009

We're getting to the fun part!

Finally we're getting close to the end of this big job. I still have the kitchen to paint and (shudder) the floor to think about... but progress has been made!

I've had my eye on the same style of kitchen table for a few years now. I'm content to shop around for stuff like this forever because there's no way I'm springing for a table that costs more than several cars we've owned. My requirements were:
- a wood top with lacquered black legs.
- big enough to seat 7 (4 chairs and a bench)
- have an additional leaf for large dinners.

Whenever I would see an advertised 'good deal' on a table, I would go to the store to find that the actual table was 18 inches wide and would seat 7 people only if they were Oompa Loompas. However, I did finally find the exact table I wanted for almost the smaller amount of money that I was willing to pay.

And to match the black legs of our table, I sprayed the legs of the kids table so they could have their own matching dining table. Hooray!


Scott&Janae said...

Good Idea. Can't wait tot see it all!

lil*sis said...

you couldn't have picked a worse picture of me... haha I love your new table though!