Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Nine years!

It's kind of hard to believe that it's been that long... but it has.

Sadly we were married in a small town that is short on quality photographers. So this is the only wedding picture that I really like. And it was taken by Brandon. The rest of the pictures he took were extreme closeups of people who wondered what on earth he was doing. At least we got one, right?

I have great memories of our wedding day. We were both students in the Geology program at USU so my dad searched all around until he found a fist-sized, pure white rock to put on our wedding cake (I still have it.)

We were married at the country club and some of our guests sneaked down the hill (with their golf clubs!) and played a few holes.

It took approximately 14 hours for the photographer to arrange every imaginable combination of family members for all his pictures ("ok now we'll have the groom, the ushers, the caterer and all of the sisters who are 5' 5" or taller"). During that time no one would let me sit down (because I would wrinkle the dress) or eat anything (because I'm a klutz I guess.) So my dad got me a delicious cherry coke and held it so I could sip it through two of those red coffee straws. I thought it was really cute.

The receiving line broke apart about halfway through the reception so some of the guests came through the line to be greeted by random friends.

Mostly I remember how excited I was to be marrying the greatest guy in the world. I love you!


Jenny said...

I still can't believe you let people boss you about your dress and not eating. I so would've killed my relatives. You look like Darcy to me.

Jill said...

Happy Anniversary! Holy crap you two look so young...crazy!

Anonymous said...

Poor Jeri! It's ironic when you take such beautiful pictures of everyone else. I love the tidbits you put on this post about your memories of the big day. You're dad sounds like a gem. When you're old and have Alzheimer's you'll be glad to have the memories in print. :)

Ali said...

Happy Anniversary!

Karin said...

i believe you having such a rotten wedding photographer was the main reason you take such amazing pictures now ;) and you forgot to mention the beautiful purple bridesmaids dresses that somehow ended up being horribly ho-licious and sea foam green with the gigantic butt bow. lol I love you! hope you had a fantastic anniversary :)