Wednesday, August 5, 2009

The Boot

The whole Boot thing is quickly approaching 'rigmarole' status. Getting the thing on right takes up more time than doing my hair, putting in my contacts and getting dressed. So that will either tell you that it takes a long time to put on, or that primping doesn't take up a big part of my day.

Here's the process. Even though I don't like socks in summer, the thing is uncomfortable without them.

Over the sock I wear a lace-up ankle brace. It is like a stirrup that supports the arch of my foot. It has these hard plastic shunts inside of it - but I had to take them out. They hurt so much! I have to lace it up really carefully since any wrinkle will hurt after a while, making me have to start the whole process over.

Next week I should be able to wear just the smaller ankle brace with regular shoes. No sandals or ballet flats for a while. But for now I wear this boot over everything. Inside the boot is another arch support and various paddy bits of foam.

Usually I have to extract one of my kids from the boot, since they think it is hilarious. 12 miles of Velcro later, the thing is on. Invariably something will itch or pinch and I'll have to start all over. Thank goodness it's summer and I don't have the added complication of long pants to contend with.

My left shoe has 2 different insoles and a leather puck inside of it, to raise that heel high enough to let me walk without limping. All told, I'm probably 3 inches taller right now. Which is nice because I can reach my top shelves without dragging out the step-stool. So... there's that.


Ali said...

oh no! And in the middle of summer!!!! boooo

Valerie S said...

Oh, I'm feeling so sorry for you. I broke a bone in the top of my foot a few years ago and had to wear a boot for 6 weeks. I thought I was going to go crazy. The top part rubbed on my leg, I had to wear it to BED, I felt like I was walking like Frankenstein and I got a whole new understanding of the phrase "ball and chain". HOpe you get better fast.

Natalie said...

Good gracious! What an ordeal!