Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Jam time!

Last year we made several types of delicious jam. My favorites were definitely plum and peach raspberry. So when Joe's boss gave us another few bags of plums, it was time to replenish our jam supply for another year. We had fewer plums but still have a few bottles of peaches left over. So I did half straight plum jam and half plum-peach.

This year the plums were pretty ripe and that made things much easier. Squeeze them by hand or crush with a potato masher to squish out all the juice. Bring the juice and the crushed plums to a boil. You can strain out just the juice and make jelly. I just pulled out the skins and pits, leaving the pulp in the juice.

For the peach-plum jam, put your bottled peaches in the blender and pulse a few times. Mix the plums and peaches in any ratio you like - I did about half and half. Follow the directions on your pectin to make and process the jam.

It was definitely a successful experiment! The kids were so excited and have eaten toast, rolls or crackers with jam every day since.


The Mathews Family said...

That looks so pretty! *sigh* I love looking at canned goods!

Sarah said...

yum! I want some... guess I will make some sooner or later. I really want to make some peach.

Hannah said...

oh gosh...those look fantastic! I think i should can some too.