Friday, August 21, 2009

Good and bad

Good - I had another visit with the podiatrist yesterday.

Bad - The arches of both feet hurt now.

Good - The high-ankle pain has mostly gone away.

Bad - The dr. said that I've injured the structure that holds up the arch in both feet!

Good - I don't have to wear The Boot anymore.

Bad - I have to wear those lace-up braces on both feet. They are fashionable and go with everything.

Good - I can stop taking obscene amounts of ibuprofen because it was making me ill and giving me headaches

Good(?) - I get to take steroids for 12 days.

Really Bad - I might be not-running for another month at least!

Totally Stupid - there's no way I'll do the race on Sept. 5

I can't decide if I want to keep riding my bike or if it will put strain on the arches of my feet. Thoughts? Experiences? I might give swimming a try, even though I hate to swim.

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