Wednesday, November 19, 2008

On the menu

Here are a few new recipes I want to try out this Thanksgiving.

Sweet Potato Pie - from the recipe collection of Gourmet Magazine editor Ruth Reichl, this is a sweet pie that tastes just like pumpkin pie... but without the watery, goopey texture of store-bought pumpkin pie. Bleh. Only my mom makes good pumpkin pie.

Lemon Curd Pie - not exactly a recipe but an experiment that I've had in the back of my mind for a while. The thing I love about lemon curd is the sourness. Pudding pie is too plain and too sweet and too boring. I plan on stirring a tablespoon of cornstarch into this lemon curd recipe and using it for pie filling.

Creamy Pumpkin Spice Pie - Marie from Make & Takes had this recipe for a scrumptious creamy pumpkin dip. It was especially good with gingersnaps. So my plan is to make the filling a bit thicker (with some gelatin or a pudding mix or... something. It's not planned out yet) and pouring the filling into a crust made with ginger snap cookie crumbs. Oh yeah!

In case you think we just sit around and eat all kinds of pie for T-day (you WISH you were here instead of your mom's house!) here are some other things I mean to try.

Sweet Potato with Pecan Streusel
In case you're not drooling, let's add a picture to this one...
Trust Food Network Pretty-boy Tyler Florence to come up with this. It looks like a winner though. I think I'm going to give it a whirl. Maybe it will make a test-run this week.

Cranberry Apple Wheel - I did test this one at cooking club last week and it was really good. I used cream-cheese frosting to drizzle over the top instead of the powdered sugar glaze.

Homemade Jellied Cranberry Sauce - I don't know about normal kids, but mine will eat their body weight in what Joe calls Can-berries. And last time I read the nutritional info... they're less good-for you and more magically-sugared-up than I suspected. So we're trying the homemade variety this year. I think I'm saving some empty cans to "jell" the sauce so the kids will think it's the same. Bahahaha.

Mmmm, I feel like I'm gaining weight just browsing here. It's all for a good cause though. What are YOUR favorite recipes for the holidays?

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Sudar Clan said...

I have a great sweet potato pie recipe if you want to try it. Some of those look delicious.