Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Perfect sugar cookies

I struggle with rolled sugar cookies. Some recipes flatten out too much, making a crispy blob that looks nothing like what you cut. Some are too hard. Some are bland. After testing dozens of recipes, I've finally found a sugar cookie recipe that turned out perfect for me. The only change I made to the recipe was to add 1 tsp. of Cream of Tartar.

Obviously we made these Halloween cookies a few weeks ago. But the recipe will be perfect for all your fall/winter/weight-gaining holiday purposes.

This is a project that your kids will love to be involved in. And it's great to let them help, especially if you aren't concerned about the quality of the results. So what if you have some non-perfect shapes, some unusual frosting choices and a few extra sprinkles? They love to be involved in the work.

My kids helped me roll the dough and cut the shapes. I find that the toy rolling pins (the ones that come with play kitchens or Play-Dough sets) work the best for little hands.

Then, after Bart had eaten his fill of frosting and was taking a sugar-coma nap, Lisa frosted and sprinkled and decorated to her heart's content (see top picture). After about 2 hours of this she had decorated 4 entire cookies. She takes her decorating very seriously.

Happy holidays... etc



Erin said...

That is my favorite recipe too...and I got it form the same site, 7 years ago! I also got the decorator icing recipe there as well. It's awesome. It never fails that each holiday season someone asks me for the recipe for both. I'll try adding the crm. of tartar and see what happens.


Scott&Janae said...

Cream of Tartar is amazing. I also use it in my snickerdoodle cookies.