Friday, November 21, 2008

Do you know...?

...that the Puffs Kleenex tissues are not the ones with lotiony-soft goodness of tissues? Oh, you can get Puffs Ultra, or Puffs Plus, or Puffs with Vicks or Puffs Containing Butterscotch Pudding... but of course your added features cost more. Didn't regular old Puffs used to be the good ones?

So imagine how angry I am that, right as my kids got colds, I stocked up on several boxes of the base-model Puffs For People Who Don't Read Labels Carefully Non-Lotion Tissues. Only to find that they're not the softy-soft tissues for the happy noses of little ones. Or me for that matter!

That is my Nyquil-inspired rant for this evening. You can bet that hubby is picking up premium Kleenex on his way home from work. Happy weekend.

Go Utes!

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lori parkhurst said...

You are so funny. We are utes fans too. Ben's brother used to play for them. His senior year was the year they went to the fiesta bowl.