Thursday, November 20, 2008

Basic Pie Crust

I struggled for years to find a basic pie crust recipe that would work for me. My mother's recipe (while fabulous when she makes it) always ended up tough and rubbery for me. Others were hard to roll out, difficult to work with, or just plain complicated.

I found the perfect recipe while watching (what else?) the Food Network. This is my go-to recipe now and it turns out perfectly every time. The only change I make is to add a little more flour if I'm using my large tart pan. I omit the lemon zest if I'm making a non-fruit pie (like chocolate or pecan). And of course leave out the sugar if you're using the crust for something savory, like meat pie.

For busy holidays like Thanksgiving, I usually make my pie crusts the week before. I wrap them in plastic, store them in the fridge and they're waiting for me when I'm ready to use them.

Happy holidays, etc...



Becca Jo said...

I have a great pie recipe. It's called Pillsbury refrigerated pie crusts. You just thaw and unroll! Sometimes if I want to get fancy I roll it out a little bit first. I know crazy! :)

Eric and Andrea said...

Ha Ha I sound like your friend Becca! I am doing Thanksgiving at "my house" this year, so I may get brave and try your recipe!

I would love to say I made the pies myself. The WHOLE pies!

Thanks for sharing!