Monday, June 6, 2011

Yes or no?

I'm trying to be more creative with my hair. You know, something other than a plain ponytail every day. Ponytails are so fabulously easy and simple... but maybe a little boring.

I don't know why I have the need to spice up the ol' hairstyle. You can tell how fashion-conscious I am just by observing how much makeup I've put on. (The answer is none. Wait, I might have chapstick on. It's from last night.) I can't leave my hair down because baby pulls on it. Plus I hate having it fall in my face all the time.

So I'm experimenting with scarves. I got two really cute ones while I was in St. George, this yellow silk and a wide white one with shiny silver stripes. Cool! The problem is, I don't know if scarves look good on me. Unless I slide it really far forward on my head (like Axel Rose) the stupid things always want to slip backwards.

Any thoughts? Advice? Cute hair-scarf styles you want to share with a not-so-trendy mama?

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Kelsey said...

Yes. I love it! Very non-boring and still practical.