Thursday, June 16, 2011

Things of wonder

I did wake from a nap in my chair. And behold, I discovered a multitude of toys dangling before me.

I will reach out unto them and I will eat them for my own.

I will continue to reach out...

Golly these are hard to get!

And lo I did give up on the stupid dangly toys and did discover that there are also feet in this chair.

Feet I tell you!

And lo I did taste them and lick them and eat them for mine own.

And they were good.

And yea, after much squirming and murmuring and arching of backs, I did finally get what I wanted all along.

Also it was totally time for a blog redesign - do not you think?


Sarah said...

Love the redesign.
Love that cute baby!

Missy said...

There you go being ridiculously awesome again. LOVEthe new design!
Smittens' story was super cute too.

natalie christensen said...

You are just so clever in your blogging I hope to be like you some day. Love your new design!