Monday, June 13, 2011

Pop and lock

Is anyone else tired of the word 'pop'? Colors pop. Accents pop. Every time I turn around, someone is talking about something that pops. And sometimes the poppable items are things that should never be popped, for any reason.

Like your eyeballs.

I instinctively mistrust anything that claims to make my eyes pop. When you say your product will pop my eyes, I feel like I have two very clear options:

Option A: Back away very, very slowly. Check for obvious exits.

Option B: Ram my elbow into your solar plexus.

I bet that would make your eyes pop.

For absolutely no reason, I will list other words that I've come to hate:

A-ha moment

Let's just finish this post up with some unrelated cute pictures, okee dokey?

This baby goat tried to steal my keys.

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