Saturday, May 28, 2011

Blue eyes and deep thoughts

Sometimes, as I watch these sparkly blue eyes taking in the world around you, I wonder what you are thinking. I wonder if you understand how much you are loved. I wish you could tell me.

Sometimes your thoughts are more obvious. There are, really, only a few things that babies usually need.

I want to eat
I want you to make me feel better
I want that thing over there

I want someone to hold me and love me

I want to sleep.

As we get older, our needs only get more sophisticated;

I want to eat something full of chocolate and calories

or more worldly

I want that iPad2 over there.

It will be a few years before you can articulate your thoughts into words. And even more before those words actually make any sense.

Then sometimes I wonder if I knew what you were thinking, would you seem so miraculous? Certainly it would seem less amazing than inexplicably, intangibly knowing what you need and want and feel. If we could use words right away, would I feel like I recognized and connected with your little spirit? And if I recognize you here, did I know you before, in another existence? Did we hug each other goodbye and promise we would meet again?

These are the things I think when I look into these blue eyes.


Missy said...

I love how you write. Just sayin'.
And his face needs a pinch because he's ridiculously cute.

Tammy Chenault said...

Adorable. I agree w/ Missy, I love how you write. Great post, and I love the pics w/ your kids thoughts. :)