Monday, May 23, 2011

I may have gone crazy

I don't sleep. We've discussed this. I also don't have friends anymore, unless you count the nurses at the pediatrician's office. We're total besties. Call me!

Even when the baby does cuddle up peacefully in his crib with his wooly blankie and congestion-battling humidifier and snooze the night away, I can't turn off the part of me that listens for every snuffle, whine or cough. And so I stay awake, watching way too much HGTV and browsing way too many lovely pictures on Pintrest.

These are dangerous for me because it all involves things I love - namely color combinations and bargain-hunting and the use of power tools. Also when I bounce these ideas off others, I always wonder if they're thinking "that is super creative!" or "wow... I'm glad she's not painting anything at my house." And speaking of combining colors, why does this spell-checker think that 'combinations' is not a real word? Discuss.

I know that I may have gone off the deep end when I start thinking that it would be a Good Idea to put some wallpaper in the linen closet. Because you know I hate wallpaper. Not just a casual dislike, but a soul-deep, white-hot burning hatred that I usually save for snakes, flying bugs, child predators and that one Chuck Norris movie that is half soap opera, half seminary film and none butt-kicking.

So. This week's project may be inspired mostly by insomnia, reality television and diet Dr. Pepper, but here is just a taste.

It tastes good.

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