Thursday, May 26, 2011

4 months

He is an angel, if I say it myself.

Sweet baby Smittins is 4 months old! Well, he was 4 months old when I took these pictures - now he's even older! This is his blessing outfit and a gorgeous blanket for his special day that Jenny's lovely mom gave to him.

At 4-something months, he:
- snacks on his fingers all the livelong day
- also snacks on his sleeves, shirt-fronts and blankets. He has a little lovey blanket that's now named Chewy.
- drools and slobbers and slimes everything he's wearing, holding or has near him
- will roll from front-to-back if he's bored with being on his tummy but it usually takes a good deal of yelling to do so
- can roll from back-to-side in an effort to chase down those ever-elusive toes
- spends a lot of time staring at his fingers. So fascinating!
- thinks that being wiggled from side-to-side is hilarious. This makes us sing songs about 'side-to-side', trying to make him laugh. Babies turn adults into babbling idiots. You try to resist him! Let me know how it goes.
- will arch his back and hold himself up, as if he's making himself easier to pick up. "Look at me! Wouldn't it be easy to get me out of this crib! Effortless, really. Look, I'm helping!"
- will protest (loudly!) if his sister leaves his side
- loves his family and is excited to see any of us, at any time

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