Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Works for me: keeping track of the remote

Looking for the remote, listening to kids complain about looking for the remote, telling other people to look for the remote their own dang selves and replacing all the furniture after successfully locating the remote takes up approximately 83 hours of my week. I've tossed around various ideas for keeping them in once place. My favorite involved hooking them to a retracting wire (like a janitor's keychain) that pulled them all the way to the ceiling and out of the reach of marauding 4-year-old pirates and the like. The problem with this plan is that I can't reach the ceiling either.

Finally I remembered that I have a giant roll of stick-on velcro. It's two different adhesive strips, one with the hook side of the velcro and one with the fuzzy side.

I stuck the hook side to the side of my computer desk (conveniently located next to the couch) and the fuzzy side to the back of the remotes.

VoilĂ ! The remotes have a 'home' of their own and don't spend quite as much time under the recliner or lost in the sofa bed.

This also works well in the craft cupboard for pencil sharpeners, flashlights, lighters and the elusive Big Ol' Sharpie.


The Mathews Family said...

Just Genius! Yet another fabulous use for velcro.

Charlo said...

Brett's stepdad is seriously obsessed with velcro. He has velcro all around the trimof his monitor, he has it on the dashboard, he has it on the desk, he has it on his celphone, on his pencils, on his sissors.

One day when i was board I found some extra of the sticky velcro, and I put it on things like tape despensers and paperclips and pill bottles, which I then stuck to the edge of his monitor.

it was great fun