Monday, March 8, 2010

Batman cake

The finished product.

Oh yeah. He just oozes justice and crime-fightability. We tried to limit the amount of black icing by using some grey and purple - I think he looks pretty awesome! Here are some of the pictures of the decorations. We kept it pretty simple but birthday boy really loved it.

Joe drew this awesome Batman poster and we played Pin The Batarang On The Utility Belt (or whatever.)

Minnie colored the poster after Joe drew it so everyone got to be involved.


Jenny said...

I love his frosting six pack. Can we rent the pan the first week of Jan? If it's too much hassle you could just drop off a baked and decorated cake. :)

Becca Jo said...

cute cake! I can't believe he's 4!

Missy said...

It's official - you are too amazing for words. And the Batman poster? I had no idea Joe was quite the artist. (Not that I'm surprised.)

Charlo said...

I'm pretty sure I would hate frosting that cake