Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Definitely a step down

My precious computer is in the repair shop. Fortunately we have an older Dell desktop living in Joe's lair in the basement where I can check some of my e-mail accounts, visit Facebook and make a blog post or two. Of course, there are definitely some downsides, including:

1. I've kind of forgotten how to use a PC. It took a few minutes to remember how to search for things (stupid Start menu) and the hot keys are totally in the wrong place.

2. The keyboard on this thing is totally not the sleek and smooth iMac version. It feels so big and clunky and I type really really slowly!

3. I miss my big, beautiful and color-correct monitor.

4. I don't know any of my passwords!

5. The desktop is clogged up with garbage I've let the kids install on this machine - namely some stupid pet games from McDonalds.

6. I can't download any of the pictures from my cameras OR put them on my blog.

6. Most importantly I don't have InDesign, Photoshop or Illustrator on this computer meaning that I just get more and more behind on all the work I have.

So cross your fingers that today we can figure out how to restore Maccy to a fully-functioning state and can welcome him back to our home. Because I really miss him.

1 comment:

Scott&Janae said...

I hope you get maccy back soon also. I'm sure that you are going through withdrawls.