Thursday, February 18, 2010

Random thoughts

As I'm writing this, I'm simultaneously checking e-mails from clients, mentally revising all of the designs I'm working on this week and searching for the annoying Littlest Pet Shop Pen that Minnie has stashed in the living room. It keeps making music noises which are supposed to alert her when the pet needs to be fed, played with or has e-pooped on the carpet. I don't think she's fed it in 8 days but neither it, nor the batteries, will die.

The house is in a state of chaos/dirtiness/disarray that I haven't seen since we moved. I don't know who is going to clean it. I certainly am not.

I don't dare open up any of the projects I need to work on, because if that part of my brain gets going again I'll never sleep. Kind of like last night.

I let Joe talk me into lifting weights 2 days a week AND one day of interval training. If the intervals don't kill me, the sore-muscle aftermath will finish me off. Not everyone needs to have ab muscles or triceps, you know!

On a positive note, I may have found the golden ticket to the whole injured foot problem that has been plaguing me for almost 7 entire months. Last week I got my very own set of custom, old-person orthotic inserts for my shoes. Also I have some pretty fabulous anti-inflammatory medication that has really helped. Except that I need to stay awake for 45 minutes after I take it to keep my heart from stopping. Or so I'm told. That's pretty much why I'm wasting a post on stream-of-consciousness thoughts. BUT... theoretically, I should be back on my feet and running again in a few weeks. Keep your fingers crossed. I think my 45 minutes is up. Good night!

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The Mathews Family said...

Best Post Ever! Jeri my dear, you make me laugh! Good luck finding that darn Pet Shop Pen.