Thursday, February 18, 2010

Come on. They couldn't possibly botch every detail.


Remember when Brent Brown Toyota sold us a car and we got the ultimate run-around because not a single person on their staff could offer up an honest answer, or even return a phone call? After the 48 hours of time-wasting annoyance they put us through, we could at least sigh a sigh of relief that we would never ever have to deal with their incompetence ever again. We could just get back to worrying that somehow they managed to mask some serious problems with the car we currently own. Good times.

Interestingly, someone from the dealership also left a message to say that she had read the Dear Brent Brown blog letter and she wanted to 'set things right.' I thought that was a nice gesture and called her back.

She didn't answer.

Nor did she return the call.

But really... it's not like they failed to do anything right. They sell cars every day. I mean, they did take our trade-in car and handle all the paperwork with the bank and pay off the remainder of our old loan in a timely manner, so that we would not get calls from our bank asking why the payment for our Nissan was late.




Jenny said...

Some people. That makes me ill. Does Nissan know its not your fault so it doesn't end up on your credit report?

Hannah said...

WHAT???? Brent Brown, come on!

So sorry, Jeri. I will never EVER shop there. What horrible people. Total sleaze bags.

The Mathews Family said...

What's this? "We're bending over backwards" to screw up your credit now?

Jenny said...

Sorry, not Nissan. THE BANK. THe bank that can make you life total hell if you miss payments.


Sarah said...

I have learned my lesson - we will never look for a car through them!