Tuesday, May 5, 2009


It's almost time to get our garden going and I'm so excited! Last year our garden was excellent and we had lots of yummy things to eat all summer. I was so sad when it was winter because I felt like we ate less healthy fruits and veggies. And our grocery bill went up! So this year I have plans to expand our garden so we can bottle up even more goodness to use over the winter.

We're going to do more tomatoes, more green beans and more sweet peppers. I'm doing LESS hot peppers and no spinach. We had just enough cucumbers and watermelons but I'm going to let the kids grow pumpkins (if there is room) so they can have them for Halloween. And I'm going to let the raspberry patch get bigger if it will, because you can never have enough berries.

One thing I struggled with last year was the hot peppers. They were so mild! If anyone has any gardening tips, feel free to leave them here.


Missy said...

If you find you're missing some raspberries... it wasn't me :)

Scott&Janae said...

Jeri - I'm doing a garden this year for the first time and I am so excited. I want some canning tips from you. Thanks - Your the best!