Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Discovering Mason jars

While at my sister's house over the weekend, we discovered that she has cases and cases of Mason jars stored in her crawl space. The bad news is that they were still full of jelly and peaches and didn't have a date on them. We opened a test bottle, it didn't smell too gross, and proceeded to wash 24 pints of jelly down the drain so we could wash out the bottles for future use.

The experiment went pretty well until we found an incorrectly-sealed jar of... something. It had developed a mold colony so large that the entire jar probably had a cognitive thought process. After much screaming, Karin deposited this one straight into the trash. She might want to watch and see if it escapes and is roaming the neighborhood...

That small hangup aside, I'm so excited about our garden and all the delicious things that we will bottle this summer. I can't wait!


Scott&Janae said...

Still looking forward to getting some canning tips!

Ali said...

I like to fill mine up with different colored seaglass (or marbles even) and put them in the kitchen window... when the sun shines it sparkles and sparkles, BEAUTIFUL!!