Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Witch costume help

So Minnie has a witch costume that she wants to wear trick-or-treating. I want to get something warm to wear under it. I have some adult-size pink and black stripe tights that I want to put on over the warm underclothes.

I was thinking of sewing the tight material over the legs and sleeves so she had stripey arms and legs. So does anyone know of a place that sells something like, a warm close-fitting body suit or set of thermals? I think thermals would be the best. And if you can't turn to the blog-o-sphere for help with these kinds of questions, what would you do? So. Where oh where would I buy something like this?


Marie {Make and Takes} said...

I bet you could try Etsy for something witchy. I like the idea to have it on her arms too. Cute.

Also, it was great to meet you last night. I need your email so I can send you more info about that boutique I'm hosting. Let me know if you're still interested.

P.S. will you put your rolls recipe on the Cooking blog too?! Yum.

Sudar Clan said...

You can just get thermal pajamas at Wal-mart or Kohl's for cheap, I saw them there the other day.

The Mathews Family said...

Are you talking about for under her witch costume? I was at the Draper Outlets a few weeks ago for the first time and they have a Danskin outlet there. S-girl is going to be a black cat and I found the perfect black leotard for her. Everything was on sale plus I think they do an additional 20% off purchase. They had little girl unitard/body suits there. Would that work?

lil*sis said...

I found them i found them! they're even pink and black striped! now I just have to remember to GET them to you before halloween. keep reminding me I'll send them up with your live-in bum. :D