Thursday, October 23, 2008

Fuentes family

Last week I got to do portraits for this awesome family. Anthony and Christel have three of the most beautiful children. Let's just say that I don't envy either parent when these three are teenagers.

This little guy... I just can't get over him! He has this adorable smooth-guy smile and these bright blue eyes. What a charmer.

And let's not forget the totally gorgeous parents.

These guys will totally be appearing on the website slideshow... which is totally way down on my To Do List for right now. ;)


The Browers said...

wow check out the blue eyes on those kids! blues eyes and brown hair , not to common. It is almost a shame to put them in black and white cause you can't tell they have beautiful blue eyes. Great pics Jeri.

Missy said...

Um, yeah, they are a very beautiful family... oh wait... I already knew that. Kinda want to pinch the little mans cheeks until it hurts just a bit.