Monday, September 22, 2008

Pinky's pigs

You may remember my sister's pottery blog from a few months ago (when I did her header design). In addition to her lovely plates, bowls, planters and serveware, she's started making these fabulous piggy banks!

I don't know if she takes custom orders or just sells them at the local craft fairs, but if you want the cutest piggy bank in the world, I'd definitely e-mail her.

Just so you can be jealous, these two little darlings now live at our house. The big one belongs to Bart and the little one is Lisa's. I'm sure they will agree - it is so nice to have a talented aunt!


Hannah said...

I love them!! They are darling!

lil*sis said...

sigh- as soon as I get a house to live in instead of your camp trailer, so I can set up a studio, I will take custom orders, I promise!
Thanks for posting!!

Kelsey said...

These are so cute. You come from very talented people, Jeri, even if she's not related by blood. And that header of hers? Amazing.

jeri said...

This is actually my real sister, so I get to claim her talent for my own ;)