Friday, September 12, 2008

Peach Day 2008

A few people have expressed interesting in having Peach Day this year, where we can get together and bottle peaches for the winter. Last year Hannah and I bottled peaches and it was a lot of fun, a lot of work and very rewarding. It was so nice to have fresh and yummy peaches all winter instead of the tin can variety (you'll never go back). I have rationed out the last of our peaches and have exactly ONE bottle left. When I say "ration" I'm not really kidding. Bart and Lisa would happily slurp down a quart of peaches in one sitting... every day.

If you plan on participating in Peach Day 2008, here are some things you should know:

- Jessica recommends the Lemon Elberta peaches from Allred Orchards.

- Last year I got 3 half-bushel boxes and it was enough for bottled peaches and peach butter. Since the kids like the peaches so much, I might get 4 boxes this year.

- I've found mason jars at DI for 25 cents each. Also you can raid your grandma's old canning stuff and find a lot of bottles.

- I called Allred's today and the Elbertas will be ready after the 20th of this month (the late frost slowed down the peaches I guess). They recommended buying your peaches about 3 days before bottling and let them sit in a box to get a bit riper. They were very helpful.

- If you are interested in participating in Peach Day 2008, please e-mail me and we'll pick a Saturday that works for everyone (the 27th or 4th of October?). You will need your peaches, mason jars, lids and rings and sugar. Also bring a knife, cutting board and a few extra-large bowls/pots, just in case. If anyone has a camp chef stove, I think that would help a lot.


Pam said...

WEll- I know you don't know me well, but if you mean it, I am very much interested in joining you! I bought jars a while back to make jam, and well- never got around to canning anything. I would love home canned peaches (and I have never tried peach butter...). Anyway- if it is possible to join you, let me know!

AMS said...

TOTALLY! Count me in! Yeah!!!!! probably the 27th... the hunt starts the 4th... ugh.

The Mathews Family said...

Oh I'm excited you're going to do them again! I came away with 48 quarts (2 bushels) of bottled peaches last year and around March had to really start rationing. We ran out in June. My girls WILL eat a quart of peaches with cottage cheese every single morning for breakfast if I let them. I'm so looking forward to Peach Day this year!

Sudar Clan said...

I would love to do that. I think the 27th is better. Let me know.

Megan said...

I'm so jealous! I have been canning all week by myself and it is a lot of work, and just not fun! I have never had to can by myself before so I sure wish I lived closer to good ol' Utah Mormons!

Kelsey said...

Ooh, I have so been wanting to do this. Count me in...I think.

Valerie S said...

Hi Jeri
I don't bottle peaches anymore but I learned a neat trick when I was doing them many years ago. I put 1/2 C sugar in the bottom of the bottle then put in the peaches, then poured hot water over them. When you process the bottles (steam or water bath) it melts the sugar. So no messy pouring syrup into the bottles and getting sticky. Just a tip! I'm so proud of you that you are bottling! You are amazing. BTW, this works if you do pears too. I have a pear tip if you want that. :)